Financial Plan

We help you to make the projections of your business and to define the objectives so you can meet them

What is a Financial Plan?

It is no doubt the key work you have to do before starting your business and the financial side is where you set your goals to monitor them afterwards and take actions according whether you are meeting the goals or not.

Who is addressed to?

To all those startups and smb’s that have the need of performing a detailed planning of their activity and do not have the time, ressources or knowledge necessary.

What benefits can provide a business plan?

It helps you prevent different escenarios

You will find out the funding needs of the period analyzed

You will define the goals in every area

You will identify those processes to be improved

You will know what to expect in terms of profitability and margins on your activity

You will prevent the different situations your business will be

What does the Financial Plan include?


Investment plan


Financial plan


Income/Expenses plan


Cashflow forecast


Balance and profit and loss statements expected

Shall We start?

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A good financial plan is key to achieve your goals and in Confi we have helped many companies. We get involved in your business and work side by side with you.

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