Company valuation

Do you need to know how much your project is valued?

Who is it addressed to?

To startups and pymes that wish to know what is the current value of their company, and do not have time, ressources or knowledge enough, or have the need to outsource the process.

What does a company valuation entail?

A valuation of your company or project consists on performing a study to issue an opinion and define the monetary value in a specific moment.

The mentioned study contains objectives assessments like the techniques to apply according to the chose method, and subjective assessments like for example the perception of the sector and future growth of the company or project.

When is a company valuation needed?


Financing rounds


Strategic decisions on business progress


Stock Option Plans


Lawsuits and disputes of owners


Purchase or sale processes


Restructuring and bankrupts




Business Plans

Shall we start?

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In Confi we are experts on performing company valuations of startups and smb’s with different needs and of different sectors. We get involved in your business to achieve an accurate valuation.

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